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Outdoor Portrait Photography

From CHF350

1-3 Hours


Celebrate Moments with Outdoor Portrait Photography

Basic Outdoor Package:

  • Up to 1,5 Hours of Outdoor Photo Session: Ideal for shorter sessions.

  • Utilizing Natural Sunlight: Embrace the beauty of the outdoors.

  • 100+ Carefully Selected Photos: A diverse array of images to choose from.

  • 15 Basic Edit Files: Light edits to enhance the natural beauty.

  • Non-Commercial Usage Rights: Perfect for personal memories.

  • Quick 1-Week Delivery: Receive your images promptly.

  • Starting at 350CHF

Why Choose Our Basic Outdoor Package?

  1. Effortless Elegance: Capture the essence of outdoor beauty.

  2. Short and Sweet: Ideal for individual portraits and quick sessions.

  3. Budget-Friendly: Affordable way to get professionally edited portraits.

Deluxe Outdoor Package:

  • Up to 2,5 Hours of Outdoor Photo Session: More time for diverse shots.

  • Professional Lighting Equipment: Enhance the natural light for superior results.

  • 150+ Carefully Curated Photos: A comprehensive selection for your needs.

  • 5 Days Delivery: Swift turnaround to enjoy your photos sooner.

  • 10 Hi-End, 20 Basic Edit Files: Expert editing for exceptional outcomes.

  • Non-Commercial Usage Rights: Perfect for personal use.

  • Starting at 500CHF

Why Choose Our Deluxe Outdoor Package?

  1. Extended Experience: Capture a range of expressions and moments.

  2. Enhanced Lighting: Professional equipment for flawless outdoor shots.

  3. Versatile Collection: Carefully curated photos for various purposes.

Premium Outdoor Package:

  • Up to 3,5 Hours of Outdoor Photo Session: Comprehensive coverage for special occasions.

  • Professional Styling: Hair stylist and makeup artist to create your ideal look.

  • Natural Light and Controlled Lighting: Combining the best of both worlds.

  • 200+ Carefully Selected Photos: An extensive array for your preferences.

  • 15 Hi-End, 30 Basic Edit Files: Detailed editing for stunning results.

  • 5 Days Delivery: Swift and efficient, so you can relive the moments soon.

  • Non-Commercial Usage Rights: For your personal memories.

  • Starting at 750CHF

Why Choose Our Premium Outdoor Package?

  • Complete Experience: From styling to comprehensive coverage, it's all-inclusive.

  • Expert Styling: Look your best and feel confident during the session.

Additional Customization:

  • Hi-End Edits: Enhance specific photos with detailed retouching (50CHF per file).

  • Extra Look: Incorporate additional makeup styles (starting from 80CHF)

  • Commercial Usage: Commercial rights available upon discussion.

Capture the Beauty of Outdoors with Us:

  • Explore our packages and let's plan your outdoor portrait session.

  • Contact us to create cherished memories that showcase your unique essence.

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